Art Glass provide our services locally in Donegal throughout Ireland and have exported as far as New Zealand.

With over 30 years of experience Art Glass procedures are the best of traditional skills and crafts coupled with the most up to date glazing techniques in Ireland and the UK. We specializes in stained glass restoration and conservation, the protection of all types of artwork in glass be that in lead, cast iron or zinc windows.

We have a reputation across Ireland for our stained glass design and stained glass storm glazing conservation products and restoration services. We have developed techniques and materials for the preservation of stained glass with the culmination of these studies, being the creation of the most comprehensive isothermal protective conservation system to be fabricated on the island of Ireland.

New Commissions for Ecclesiastical, Domestic & Commercial Clients.
Art Glass stained glass studio has a talented and experienced design team that have been designing and delivering custom designed art glass for thousands of clients over the past 30 years throughout Ireland and the UK. Being passionate about design and creating flawless new stained glass our team have gained an enviable reputation for superb glass artwork. These projects range greatly and include many different types and styles of art glass for commercial, domestic and ecclesiastical commissions thought out Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Conservation, restoration and repair of stained glass.

We have restored the works of Harry Clarke, Joshua Clarke, Myers of Munich, Tours of France, Clokey and Branif, Earlys of Dublin, Evie Hone, William Morse, John Hardman. We are presently working on eighty panel’s by Thomas Willement (1786 to 1871) called “the Father of Victorian Stained Glass”, active from 1811 to 1865.

We have restored the oldest, most valuable artwork in glass, our conservators being trained to the highest standards. This restoration is often followed by the installation of our various bespoke glazing systems including storm glazing and secondary glazing. We restore antique stained glass to the highest quality, using the principle of minimal intervention to ensure maximum authenticity. Interventions would be carried out in consultation with the client and with appropriate art historical advice.

Every project is examined individually and treated accordingly, working closely with the client and architect. Our aim is always to conserve both glass and lead work where possible, and to undertake reversible interventions where necessary. Either on-site or in our workshop, we can renovate or restore stained or leaded glass.
Protecting your decorative stained glass.

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Unprotected stained glass will be soaked by the elements, buffeted and eroded by sand blasting winds, attacked by corrosive air pollution that destroys the artistic detail, transparency and vibrancy of coloured glass.

Left unchecked the growth of molds and algae will cause organic damage. microorganisms will create organic acids that attack the stained glass, oxidise the lead and metal frames and rot wooden frames. Moisture within a building will facilitate the deterioration of the interior painted surface of stained glass due to the action of condensation on the glass.

A major part of our business is the provision of decorative glass. This area of our expertise has seen us become an established supplier to major commercial projects. The reason behind this success is the vast array of products we provide.

“Whether it be for the home or commercial work, we guarantee high quality results.”

Glass is a beautiful, versatile and functional material. It has inherent useful qualities which can be enhanced with Glass processing transforms raw sheets of glass into high performance products. We can process glass in many ways to match exactly what you are looking for.

Unique In the Market                 

Art Glass is unique due in part to the fact that we have such an extensive and diversified product portfolio. This means that we are effectively a one-stop shop for all your specialists glazing needs. Our products and services include:

If you require any other type of glass or glazing service in Donegal Town County Donegal, check out our general glazing division- All Purpose Glazing, for fire glass, heavy laminates, double glazing and other specialist glass Click HERE.  

We can provide a supply & fit service or such an extensive range of glass products and services that we really should be considered as your one stop shop for any of your local glazing needs. Our Showroom and Factory are Located at the Glass works, Skeoge industrial estate Derry City Northern Ireland, we work thought Northern Ireland and the rest of Ireland is accessible though our fleet of glazing vehicles.