Comprehensive Protective Systems For Church Windows 

Not only does Art glass have over 35 years of experience in the repair and restoration of existing stained glass windows, but they are also the leaders in supplying the correct protective covering solution for your building, our in house fabricated storm glazing system has been supplied across Ireland and the UK.

The Need For  A Protective Covering Solution- Storm Glazing.— 

Unprotected stained glass will be soaked by the elements, buffeted and eroded by sand blasting winds, attacked by corrosive air pollution that destroys the artistic detail, transparency and vibrancy of coloured glass.

Left unchecked the growth of molds and algae  will cause organic damage. microorganisms will create organic acids that attack the stained glass, oxidize the lead and metal frames and rot wooden frames. Moisture within a building will  facilitate the deterioration of the interior painted surface of stained glass  due to the action of condensation on the glass.

When glass is the primary glazing barrier it will be affected by exposure to differences in temperature over time, this  will have a negative effect on the painted glass and enamels these sources of damage are generally referred to as  environmental damage, The temperature changes will dislodge and weaken the putty by expansion and contraction cycles.

At Art Glass we have the expertise in providing an all encompassing approach in delivering solutions to address these factors. We have the ability to ensure that glass is protected and ensured to survive into the future. We fabricate and install protective systems to conserve and ensure the longevity of glass. These  protective systems  includes:

“Preventive conservation is fundamental to the preservation of stained glass,……….A protective glazing system can minimize the extent or even eliminate the necessity of interventive conservation treatment”- CVMA- Nuremberg 2004



Specialist stained glass heritage storm glazing in Ireland 

Over the years we have seen the  detrimental effects that non or insufficiently ventilated protective glazing  systems have caused, by creating an environment which has trapped humidity causing condensation.  please see our Replacing obsolete protective glazing systems. page for examples of these situations.

At Art glass we conduct an expert survey report, to exclaim each building and condition of stained glass we we will provide our  knowledge and best practice for individual projects before any work is agreed to be undertaken.

Protecting your decorative stained glass.