Decourative Double Glazing

Traditional lights, latest performance standards

Art glass offer a range of standard coloured designs that are simulations of traditional leaded light  stained glass.

At a fraction of the cost we can create decorative glass to acompany modern high performance sealed units.The designs combine UV stable coloured films with leads.There is a vast selection of colours and textures to appeal to most tastes, and suit all applications, from traditional to contemporary.

Decourative Overlays Options 

Our range of Overlay designs incorporate genuine lead strips, handmade coloured effect films and handcrafted bevelled glass to create 21st century decorative glass. All the decorative elements are on the outer pane of the glass and you can choose from a wide range a of texture glass options for the inner pane to give varying levels of privacy. With this technique it is also possible to create matching toplights and sidelights for your PVC doors and windows.

Stunning visual effect with multiple glass textures and bevels.

Our range of Etch Effect designs combine a simple etched glass effect with either traditional hand cut glass bevelled glass or truly stunning fused glass elements. These are bonded to the surface to provide a 3-dimensional effect that can not only be seen, but felt. These ranges use the finest materials and the most up-to-date techniques to produce designs that are simple, yet refract light beautifully, to create a focal point to your entranceway.

Our range of Resin Art designs

Manufactured using state of the art resin dispensing equipment to create the outline, the colours are then hand painted. The Resins offer an alternative to lead profiles and create much finer lines.