Storm Glazing

Storm glazing by Art glass offers  comprehensive weather protection

Predominantly used in Churches or historical buildings, storm glazing should be used to protect all glass that is valued for its artistic or heritage importance.  At Art glass we have designed an aluminium powder coated framed storm glazing system that comprehensively protects the leaded light from deterioration caused by exposure to the elements.

The Key benefits of our comprehensive environmental protective conservation system are:

  • 100% water proof preventing water or condensation from laying on the glass prevents and prolongs its structural integrity.  superior to standard glass and bracket storm glazing at keeping the leaded light dry.
  • Ventilation system creates a moderate and passive atmospheric temperatures around the leaded light.
  • System utilizes a slim profile, this does not distract from the aesthetic appearance of the building exterior windows as it is relatively tight fitting and unobtrusive to the original stained glass leaded light.
  • Standard storm glazing protection from high winds and protection from vandalism with the fitting of laminated safety glass, used in anti-hurricane certified glazing systems. Laminate glass also blocks out harmful UV rays.
  • Glazing options,toughen glass, laminated glass or Low-Ion opti tint free glass allows for greater appeaciation of the leaded light. 
  • Non-ferrous powder coated frame does not rust or need repainting.
  • Designed with anti- insect mechanism to prevent spider cob webs.
  • Systems colour is complimentary to the leaded light.
  • Acts as efficient secondary glazing to lower heating bills.
  • Stone-to-stone system protects both glass and intricate tracery and sills from rot and deterioration reducing maintenance costs. 
  • We fabricate high-end windows with attention to the most elaborate of details. Our products are designed to provide traditional design aesthetics, ease of operation, and optimal energy efficiency.
  • The internal side of glass is protectected from the elements and there for is maintenance free, the system however is very functional and allows the glass to be removed for cleaning purposes within minutes, maintenance and replacement of broken glass is equally simple.

Ventilated Protective Storm Glazing Guard

Our system has evolved over the past 30 years and is now the most comprehensive externally ventilated protective glazing system made on the island of Ireland, a custom made non-ferrous powder coated thin profile framed system. This allows the protective safety glass to be supported and creates  water proof protection from mechanical and biological corrosion and damage.

Our custom made precision environmental protective vented glazing system utilizes our revolutionary ventilation system. This allows air to circulate  freely within the new compartment.  These vents are custom made to be water proof with  a water shield to prevent water from wind driven rain from entering into the system.

This creates a new environment where the humidity, temperatures and ventilation are controlled to create a museum quality environment. This will help to ensure the continued good structural and artistic integrity of the glass.

far superior to standard glass and bracket storm glazing, that still let rain water pour onto the stained glass and cause environmental damage. In practice the system protects the glass, as it is no-longer the outer most architectural glazing element. The glass is now encapsulated in a new protective  ventilated frame.

Precsion engineering powder coated alumium framed storm glazing in Ireland

Storm Glazing can help restore a historic building to its former splendor. Our windows are manufactured using the finest materials and are crafted with the highest attention to detail. Our byspoke fabricated system is made to measure by our engineers in our factory in Derry City Northern ireland, following our expert survey we are able to fabricate any shaped or curved window to compliment stone masonary, to delivery a system that is as unantrusive on the exterior appearence of the historical building as possible. 


Bronze Bracket Storm glazing 

A compromise in enviromental protection for a brackets and glass construction. Custom made bronze brackets with an aesthetically small profile and the strength to support heavey toughen glass or impact resistant glass. 

We have designed our own non-ferrous bronze brackets which supports the Stormg glazing glass. Designed to suit an alternative storm glazing appearence however  any bracket system does not offer water proof environmental protection for this we recommend our powder coated fully water proof and ventilated storm glazing system.


Anti- Vandal impact-resistant protective laminated glass storm glazing.

We can install our system using heavy laminated glass which will form a superior protective barrier from aggressive acts of vandalism  this will also protect the window from illegal breaking and entry. Laminated glass is the only type of glass allowed to be accredited as hurricane impact-resistant.

Aesthetic Protective Glazing Mirrored Lead Line.

Designed to preserve the aesthetic integrity of a building’s exterior. This new outer layer will more accurately replace the aesthetic and historic appearance of the original buildings profile.

This method is a conscious decision to ensure the protection of the stained glass but ensure that the system will minimize any visual impact upon the host structure.

Additional care is taken to make a duplicate of the lead lines of the original stained glass panel and the outer protective glass is then cut to form a transparent replica of the now protected stained glass, which is now situated behind the isothermal or storm glazing systems

Pricing is determined by each individual job; because of this costs can vary. If you require pricing please call the studio by phone, or send us an email. Contact details on contact us page.