Decorative Glass

Decorative glass for all application and clients throughout Ireland and the UK

Our studio designs and makes custom made glass pieces.  We stock an extensive collection of  glass ranges, this combined with our years of experience in the design and fabrication of glass art has established Art glass as a trusted studio when creating exclusive decorative glass solutions, thoughout Ireland and exporting internationally.

We can customise and decorate your glass to suit the interior design of your home or business. We have a huge range of decorative and designer coloured glass options to choose from, allowing you to add a personal touch to your property. Use decorative glass to improve privacy in your home, or display your branding on your store windows or office partitions. Painted, coloured and decorative glass can visually transform plain glass into something truly impressive.

Art glass provides a wide range of decorative glazed designs which will allow you to put your personal touch to your home.  Please look at our different ranges and see what suits your taste:

  • Sandblasting & Acid Etching.
  • Decorative mirrors
  • Antique Mirrors
  • Bespoke designs.
  • Painted glass panels, toughen glass splash backs.
  • Glass slumping.
  • Glass Casting.
  • Coloured laminated glass.
  • Coloured vinyl.
  • Glass colouring,
  • Glass carving,
  • Glass beveling.
  • Polished edges: Finished edges can make the difference between a plain piece of glass and an attractive feature.
  • Glue chip glass, brilliant cut stars and different colours of glass,

Glass is a beautiful, versatile and functional material.

We make decorative glass panels for doors, windows and cabinets. Utlizing the inherent qualities, enhanced with  experiet design, style, skilled glass processing  we transform raw sheets of glass into high performance products,  to create exactly what you are looking for.

Visit our showroom  not just to view an extensive display of glass, but speak to our experienced sales team  discuss the glazing solution best suits your needs and budget. at the show room you can choose from a sophisticated range of designs, styles, and glass processing.

Please take some time to review our decourative glass pages, but keep in mind that more designs are available on request or by calling int our workshop in Derry. There‚Äôs a wide selection of great designs to cater for every taste, we cater for a wide spectrum of clients and have options and  products suitable for different budgets.