Domestic Decorative Glass

Domestic Decorative Glass

A major part of our business is the design and fabricaiton of decorative glass for domestic clients, we can take an idea and transform it into a beautifully finished work of art that can be adored by all.  

  • Contemporarily designed stained glass.
  • Decourative mirrors
  • Kitchen 
  • Bathroom  
  • Decourative door glass
  • Decorative Bevel Door Glass
  • Leaded Glass Overlay

We make decorative glass panels for doors, windows and cabinets. Utlizing the inherent qualities, enhanced with  experiet design, style, skilled glass processing  we transform raw sheets of glass into high performance products,  to create exactly what you are looking for.

We stock an extensive collection of  glass ranges, this combined with our years of experience in the design and fabrication of glass art has established Art glass as a trusted studio when creating exclusive decorative glass solutions.

Art glass provides a wide range of decorative glazed designs which will allow you to put your personal touch to your home.  Please look at our different ranges and see what suits your taste. Visit our showroom  not just to view an extensive display of glass, but speak to our experienced sales team  discuss the glazing solution best suits your needs and budget. at the show room you can choose from a sophisticated range of designs, styles, and glass processing.