Decorative Leaded Glass

 Decorative Leaded Glass

For individual taste and decorative designs, leaded units offer a vast choice of designs. Each design is either from an original design, or drawn from the vast range of styles already available.

Leaded Glass Overlay

This product is designed to simulate traditional style windows for modern high performance glazing. Regency Glass stock natural


silver and coated antique colours. Lead profiles are available in 6mm, 9mm and 12mm with other sizes and colours available to order.

With a wide range of colours and widths our lead profiles give so many creative options for doors, windows, cabinets and craft applications in both interior and exterior locations.

Choice of Leaded Design

Available in standard silver lead, pre-aged, different coloured lead and a variety of thicknesses; the choice is huge.

coloured/ coated lead profiles Leaded Glass Overlay

which in addition to widening the design opportunities also add extra protection to the base lead metal from the effects of weathering.

Internal Cabinet Overlay

Lead deposits and dulling


Natural silver lead is a raw metal alloy that will oxidize when it comes into contact with the atmosphere. The initial mirror finish gradually dulls down to form a natural grey patina. During this process, the lead may look discoloured with various colours appearing on the surface. Excess rainfall can cause spotting or white powdery deposits to form. This is normal.

The deposits can be wiped away but avoid polishing as this will mean the process will start again! Eventually the dull grey patina will develop. The time this will take is variable and dependant on weather, location, and other atmospheric conditions local to the installation.

Please be relaxed should you experience this phenomenon, as we have over 30-years history of lead design work; all lead develops to

the same desired end result but at different speeds.


Our design team will layout your windows on a computer to ensure all lead patterns line through and then advise you of the best looking layout. We can also send this layout to you prior to manufacture to ensure you are happy with the design.

Natural, Platinum, Antique and Brass are high performance self adhesive lead strips. The products are designed for permanent application to decorative interior or exterior glass surfaces in both single and double glazed units.

Traditional Stained Glass


Leading Limiting Parameters

Some textured obscure patterns are not suitable for the adhesive lead strip therefore we can only lead both sides of Contora, Pelerine, Sycamore, Chantilly and Regency Stipple patterns. All other obscure glasses may be leaded but only on the outside.

We have a wide range of industry standard glass and glazing products for use in Double Glazing Windows, Conservatories, Orangeries and Doors and proivide our services throughout the Derry area, as well as the rest of ireland.

Natural Oxidation of Lead

Like any natural lead product exposed to the environment, lead profile will undergo certain ‘atmospheric’ transformation. This is perfectly natural and it will eventually settle down to take on the traditional ‘weathered lead’. Please speak with us and review the following manufactures document before purchasing this lead overlay product.