Our aim is to deliver a unique stained glass art panel tailored to the functional needs and tastes of the individual.

Working in the medium of  stained glass there so many possibilities and ability to make a feature that is truly unique. Contemporary stained glass design is all about exploring the interaction of light, depths of colour, lead lines. shape and texture, to create exciting unique works of stained glass art. The marriage of color and line, often presented in startling juxtaposition, brings ever-changing light and shadow into the building. We have a passion for the creative solution to the challenge of contemporary structural design! Our work is carried out to the highest standards, and with great care over its suitability to the location. 

Exciting changes are taking place as architects, building owners and designers are exploring new possibilities in stained glass design to complement and enhance today’s architecture. With a strong emphasis on the inherent beauty of the wide palette of glasses available today, our designers and artisans are developing new contemporary windows that will become the classic windows of tomorrow. 

Contemporary Stained glass design can all under three broad headings:

  • Figurative-contemporary Stained glass design
  • Geometric- contemporary Stained glass design
  • Abstract-contemporary Stained glass design

We can create a traditional or contemporary look to complement the building style or architectural vision. There can be many reasons for wanting your own stained glass window these can be to depict a classic Irish landscape, family arms or to create a mood or ambiance with the use of light, glass texture and colours. Or contrasting this with wanting a decorative panel which increases privacy but also adds beauty using a any number of decorative glass styles and processing.

You can learn more about our commissioning process here. This is a tailored and personal discussion and exploration of the “brief” comprising a consultation, budget, artist design, time tabling approval, manufacture and installation.

Whatever the reason for commissioning our services we will work closely together to create a stained glass artwork of the highest standards, unique to you, that will give you pleasure for years to come. The start is to give us a call or contact us here to arrange an appointment or if you live in the northwest of ireland then call into our show room located  at the Glass works studio, Derry City

Contact us directly by e-mail here Contact Us.