Window Protection

Conservation Protective Glazing systems-  Church Window Guards

Art glass specialise in the conservation and protection of all church glass we have developed a full range of protective measures to ensure the fabric of churches and listed buildings are protected from vandal damage and the effects of years of abuse by the elements. we have supplied and installed our protective storm glazing and wire guards thoughout Ireland and the UK.

Art glass Supply and& install bespoke stainless steel powder coated wire guards.



Traditonal designed 

The design of the guards follows guidelines set down by English Heritage, Cadw, Historic Scotland, the Diocesan Advisory Committee and other building conservation advisory groups.


We conduct a site survey window profiling, to take full templates using solid board ensures the stainless steel wire mesh protective screens are fabricated to fit  exactly and as  seemilessly with the individual window sections and masonary. 

Usually black, each wire guard is individually shaped to fit the stone grove/frame. There is little change to the appearance of the building after the windows have been protected.

Powder coated guards increase the durability of the installation and offers a longer life span than the galvanising process for the same ferrous metal. There is a real architectural advantage to the black finish of powder-coated guards. The outer surface of stained glass naturally has an overall black finish and so the guards to some extent ‘disappear’ this helps diminish the impact of the guard across the window.


Window Conservation and Window Protection For Historical & Ecclesiastical Buildings

Windows Buildings and glass of value must be protected and valued as an art   however Incorrectly installed protection can become and intrusive alteration  that has a very damaging to original fabric.

we specialise in this work on church buildings and listed buildings in colaberation with Architects and conservation officers, we aware that there is an impact on the aesthetic impact that wire guards has on the facade of a build, great care must be taken in applying this solution to your building. 

Working with architects and conservation officers we have experience of The design of the guards follows guidelines laid down by the CVMA, the Institute of Conservation, English Heritage, Cadw, Historic Scotland, the Diocesan Advisory Committee and other building conservation advisory groups.

“The best form of wire guard in most circumstances is one made of stainless steel and powder-coated, or otherwise finished, in black”-The Church of England “care of churches” guidance notes.

All of our guards are made to fit within the tracery and fix to the stone joints to be as discrete as possible using none ferrous fixings. We use these to prevent rusting and to extend the life of the guards.

Protective Glazing Installation

Guards are installed using carefully placed non-ferrous fixings and have minimal impact upon historic fabric. 

Window Guards for Stained Glass Protection 


Our guards and have been installed at cathedrals, churches, castles and listed buildings cross Ireland and Northern Ireland

Wire Guard Glazing Maintenance  

Maintenance of Quality 

Guards require no maintenance

removable for maintenance or cleaning of protected windows.

Heavey Duty Anti Vandal Meatla window guards, Wire Guards, 


Repair and Replace  Church Window Guards In IrelandChurch glass protetive systems Laminated glass external glass storm glazing toughen glass aluminum frame Irish Stained glass Studio Stained Glass protective glass

We have had to replace many old guards which have come to the end of their life span and become unsightly also some pre-existing metal guards have caused a problem of rusting where inappropriate fixings have been used. This rust has been shown to damage the Stone work. The damage can be irreversible, short of major stone work repairs.

Working closely with many church committees and architects to ensure a set a specification and custom made vandalism protection mechanism is put in place that is optimized to be unobtrusive, sustainable and reversible.

Further information on our comprehensive systems, and selection of protective glazing solutions, Contact us today.

Other options:

  • Perspex/ Polycarbonate to the exterior, to  provide mechanical protection. However, over time, the Perspex can become discolored, it is a cheaper but less long term solution.

Art glass stained glass studio specialise in glaszing eclesiasitical buildsings we have a proven track record of working for churches through out ireland . Over the years we have seen the detrimental effects that non or insufficiently ventilated protective glazing  systems have caused, by creating an environment which has trapped humidity causing condensation.  please see our Replacing obsolete protective glazing systems. page for examples of these situations.

At Art glass we conduct an expert survey report, to exclaim each building and condition of stained glass we we will provide our  knowledge and best practice for individual projects before any work is agreed to be undertaken.

Specialist stained glass heritage storm glazing in Ireland 

Working in the resotration of churches in ireland for over 30 years we have provided our protective stainless steel guards to so many churchs. However we have also developed a tailor made Glazed aluminium storm glazing system offers a comprehensive ventialated enviromental protection with a slime sight line frame. offering the highest standard in glazing protection.