Stained Glass Repairs Guidance

Stained glass Repair

When repairing a stained glass windows it is  crucial to retain as much of the original glass as possible,  in the fist instance  we try and repair the broken glass, re-solder the existing lead, and try to keep the window in as much of its state that is  functionaly possible. 

However there are cases when the panel is too damaged,  were we will need to replace the glass, re-lead and rebuild panels to bring them back to their original aesthetics with structural integrity. with our years of experience, in house glass processing and our stock of coloured and textured glass we aim to give your stained glass a new lease of life.

Stained Glass & Leaded Light Restoration & Repair 

Have a particular problem with your windows? Are they cracked, dirty or leaking? Are you interested in finding out more about the history of your windows? Contact Us and we will help you get back on track and make appropriate decisions for your heritage.

Guidance  How To Inspect Your Windows For Maintenance

Stained Glass windows require maintenance to preserve these works of art. The following check list will allow you to perform a simple check-up to determine your windows present condition. Or if you would like, contact our studio and one of our trained consultants will be happy to provide a free, no obligation inspection.

Perform a stained glass self evaluation

From the interior look at each window for the following:

  • Do you see any broken glass?
  • Do you see any light leaks?
  • Are the windows bowing in or out?
  • Do you see any of the interior braces that are loose or missing?
  • Do you see any lead deterioration such as cracks in the lead or oxidation (white powder on the surface)?
  • Signs of leakage (water damage)?

From the Exterior look at each window for the following:

  • Is there any protective covering?
  • If there is covering, is it yellow or leaking?
  • Is the paint peeling or faded?

If you see signs of any of these conditions, its time to contact us for a free no obligation inspection of your stained glass windows. Our trained consultants will provide you a full report and a replacement cost appraisal. fill out the form located below or find the studio location on the Contact Us page.

Stained glass repair starts with a site survey to examine the extent of repairs that are necessary to fix and prevent further damage.

Each year we are called upon by churches across Ireland to evaluate the condition of their stained glass and counsel them concerning their repair, restoration and protection.