Stained Glass

New Commissions for Ecclesiastical, Domestic & Commercial Clients.

Leaded stained glass windows bring to mind the glories of the great gothic cathedrals. Utilizing the fabulous color and line that taught the stories of the bible to the congregations of the Middle Ages, we are creating today’s traditional styled masterpieces. The same handpainted leaded technique is used today by our staff of  highly skilled glass painters to create a special comforting atmosphere for our houses of worship and to bring our unique artistry to secular buildings and homes.

Art Glass stained glass studio has a talented and experienced design team that have been designing and delivering custom designed art glass for thousands of clients over the past 35 years throughout Ireland and the UK. Being passionate about design and creating flawless new stained glass our team has gained an enviable reputation for superb glass artwork. These projects range greatly and include many different types and styles of art glass for commercial, domestic and ecclesiastical commissions thought out Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

We work one on one with our clients to ensure that their custom piece meets all their design needs and will be perfectly integrated into their respective architectural space. To have a one on one consultation to discuss your art glass project please contact us on tel: 0044 (0) 2871 357 444 to organize an appointment or on site survey. We are based in Ireland but have Shipped our stained glass our side of Europe and right across the world.

Have A Budget In Mind?

Cost is always an important issue. We tailor our projects to match your specifications and our expertise to ensure you get value for money.

The final cost for custom designed piece of decorative glass is a combination of the amount of labour it takes to make it, as well as the cost of materials. Labour is directly affected by the complexity of the overall design. The materials used to construct your piece can also vary greatly depending on how the raw materials are manufactured and the type of construction used to fabricate your piece.

Once a design has been created and approved by the client we will supply you with a firm price and a time frame for completion which this is entirely dependent on the size and complexity of the work to be undertaken. We install all of our own work which insures that your new piece will always be handled and installed correctly. This will allow your special piece to have a long life without premature servicing needed.

Working with Artist Designers Collaborative Design & Fabrication Projects 

Art Glass offers the skills of its talented staff of craftspeople to artists from outside our organisation. The independent glass designer can get their vision realised by the experienced hands at Art Glass. We also encourage artists who have never designed in glass, to look anew at local public arts projects and to look at Art Glass as a part of their team in creating new ideas in architectural glass.

Art Glass stained glass studio offer full-service custom stained glass providing customer solutions with the highest quality craftsmanship, using the finest materials. Give us a call today or call into or showroom at the Glass Works, Skeoge Business Park, Derry City BT48 8SE. or contact us directly by e-mail here Contact us. 


Stained Glass Windows, Decorative Glass and Antique Glass Restoration.

Stained Glass repair 

Have a particular problem with your windows? Are they cracked, dirty or leaking? Are you interested in finding out more about the history of your windows? Contact Us and we will help you get back on track and make appropriate decisions for your heritage.